Germany: Education and Science

The course is aimed at German learners at the level B1 to C1/C2 who are interested in the topic of education, higher education and science in Germany. It includes four didactic units with 42 texts and approximately 160 exercises. The course provides knowledge about the German education and study system, the diversity of the course of education and pedagogical approaches, but also the challenges arising during an apprenticeship or course of studies. In the final unit selected scientific fields are briefly outlined and current issues are addressed with which scientists are confronted with both today and in the future.

Requirements/previous knowledge


Level (GER)


Overview of LSI.Digital

  • Integrated dictionary: The dictionary first offers the appropriate translation of the selected word for the specific text (context-sensitive translation) and information on the part of speech and, if applicable, the form of the word in the text.
  • Audio texts: The audio mode offers an audio variant of the text (recorded by professional speakers), which you can listen to while reading along with the text using the integrated player. In this mode, you can also listen to individual words.
  • Grammar: In the grammar mode, in addition to information about the part of speech of the word you have selected, you will be shown related words that appear in other texts of our courses (word families). Other information available in this mode: Basic form, part of speech / features, links to grammar tables, related words, word family.
  • My Word List: All the words you have looked up are registered.
  • Customisable learning aids: LSI.Digital allows the user to combine the different text comprehension features (audio, dictionary, grammar, etc.) to simplify the learning process.
  • Interactive exercise types: In addition to purely language-related exercises, you will find mainly exercises related to text content and statements.

This course is independent of a classroom course at LSI and can be booked for an autonomous e-learning offer (Distant Learning).

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3 months - 39,00€

6 months - 69,00€

12 months - 99,00€