Technical German II

The course Technical German II is aimed at German learners at level B1 with an interest in engineering and technology and as a continuation of the course Technical German I. It contains 4 didactic units (level B1/B2) with the subject areas of mechanical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering and information technology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer science and energy. Before the specialised units there is an introductory unit which contains texts about technical German with a general focus on vocabulary and syntax. Technically the units impart reading competency for introductory basic texts and popular scientific or journalistically characterized texts. The course contains 40 texts with approximately 140 exercises for reading comprehension. The course is suitable as preparation for studying a technical subject at a German university.

Requirements/previous knowledge


Level (GER)


Overview of

  • Interactive learning and working aids: With the integrated learning manager you can independently control your learning success.
  • Grammar for reference: More than 140 grammar tables help with linguistic orientation.
  • Integrated dictionary: With the dictionary function, you can display unknown vocabulary with a click of the mouse and save it in your personal dictionary.
  • Dialogue with other learners: In the forum you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other learners.
  • Course variety: over 60 online courses with 300 complex learning units with a wide range of topics
  • Interactive types of exercises
  • Audio texts
  • Combinable learning aids: the new design allows the user to combine the various text comprehension functions (audio, dictionary, grammar, etc.) to simplify the learning process.
  • Vocabulary check: the integrated vocabulary check actively selects those words that were unknown to the learner during the course and thus always trains the personal vocabulary profile.

This course is independent of a classroom course at LSI and can be booked for an autonomous e-learning offer (Distant Learning).

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3 months - 49,00€

6 months - 89,00€

12 months - 149,00€