Course Formats

Full-day courses (classroom and virtual presence)

At the heart of language teaching at LSI are our al full-day courses, in which you participate in class. If it is not possible to attend a classroom class, the option of virtual participation (ZOOM) in the classroom is available on request. Please contact our course administration. The number of course places with virtual presence is limited.

In small learning groups with a maximum of nine participants, you will receive six to seven teaching units (45 minutes each) of language instruction five days a week. The course usually lasts two weeks. You practice the subject matter covered in class by yourself in the evening. You can consolidate and deepen what you have learnt at the end of the day. In addition, our learning platform is also available for follow-up work. You can not only use it during your course at LSI, but also for another three months after the end of the course, either independently or with the support of our teachers.

Evening courses (virtual presence)

Since 2020, LSI has also been offering its basic and advanced courses in a semi-intensive format. The courses, which start every quarter and last ten weeks, are exclusively online courses. Classes take place on two evenings per week with three teaching units each (45-minute units). The 10-week course comprises a total of 60 units and is therefore compatible with the full-day intensive courses held in Bochum and abroad. You can therefore easily switch between our full-day intensive courses and the 10-week courses and thus continue learning with LSI at a distance. Lessons take place in face-to-face communication in a group using the video conference software Zoom. Numerous exercise forms and compact instructional videos for individual follow-up work complement each learning unit. In addition, as in the full-day courses, regional and intercultural information also flows into the lessons. For repetition and consolidation of the learning material, you also work with the learning platform throughout the entire course. After the end of the course you can use the learning platform for another three months free of charge. offers individual training of your language skills through interactive exercises, assisted text work, exercises in vocabulary, grammar, situations and topics.

Autonomous learning (online)

The Landesspracheninstitut also offers online courses for autonomous language learning for all languages. These courses can be taken completely independently with the support of the LSI eTutor, but also in combination with individual language training by an LSI language teacher. They allow learning to take place independently of time and space (24x7), focusing on the learners' own responsibility. All online courses are offered on the institute's own learning platform and have numerous learning and working aids which promote learning success in the long term.

For autonomous learning, both the online courses for the basic and advanced levels of our classroom and evening courses, as well as topic-specific advanced courses for most LSI languages and particularly German as a foreign language are offered. Booking costs are divided into three different categories (Small, Medium, Large) and two booking periods (6 and 12 months).

One-to-one Lessons

Individual and flexible

Language requirements and learning goals in foreign language learning are highly individual, as are our course offerings. If required, we will be happy to design an individual training programme tailored to your needs and personal learning goals.

Together with us, you determine the course scope, time and learning goals in a personal introductory conversation.

You decide whether you would like to learn basic skills (reading, listening, speaking, writing) in the foreign language of your choice or whether you would like to strengthen existing communicative skills.

Based on your learning goals, your teacher will create your personal lesson plan with the desired content. In this way, you learn particularly quickly and efficiently.

Classes are usually held in our seminar rooms in Bochum.

Price per teaching unit (á 45 min.) available on request.

Intercultural training

It is not new that we see the world through our own cultural glasses. So cooperation between different cultures is often more complicated than expected. There are faux pas lurking around every corner, which are often not recognised when dealing with dialogue partners from China, Japan, Russia or the Arab world.

Communicate successfully

Our culture-specific training courses sensitise you to the previously foreign culture and provide you with background information and professional solutions for long-term successful communication with foreign business partners. This will help you to improve and correctly establish contact with foreign employees, customers and business partners.

Courses Abroad

"If you learn a language in a country where it is also spoken, go on small tours, go out for a meal together, then you are directly challenged. In the hotel, while shopping, on the street - Arabic is spoken everywhere. In terms of language teaching, I would say: this is the best way."
Peter Barth (Arabic 1+2 in Amman)

Why not learn a language where it is spoken? With international cooperation partners in China, Japan, Russia and Jordan, we offer you the opportunity to attend our intensive language courses in the regions where the target language is spoken.

In our foreign courses, learning is not limited to the active teaching time on your course day. You can immerse yourself in the foreign language as often as you like in the host country. After the language classes you have the opportunity to participate in sports, leisure and cultural activities that are typical for the country. In this way you will not only get to know the country and its people, but also enrich your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. We or our cooperation partners will be happy to help you find suitable accommodation close to the place where you will be studying. The accommodation that is typical for the country is based on European standards.

The respective course level corresponds to the multi-level structure of the LSI language courses and fits seamlessly into our course system. You can also attend beginners' courses abroad without any previous knowledge. To prepare for a higher level foreign course or to continue your learning path after the foreign course, simply select the appropriate online or classroom course from our range of courses.