LSI Company Profile

The Landesspracheninstitut (LSI) at the Ruhr University Bochum offers intensive foreign language courses in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian. The language courses are designed for private and corporate customers who are interested in professional or personal further training, as well as students of all faculties who would like to acquire language further qualifications in addition to their studies. During the school holidays, LSI also offers language courses for pupils.

The unique intensive course format at LSI enables considerable learning progress in the shortest possible time. In two-week courses, highly qualified teachers teach above all active skills (speaking and listening) as well as vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. The self-developed textbooks are also of great popularity outside LSI and are used at numerous universities and adult education centres. The lessons take place in small learning groups, which enables a high degree of interaction and individual support. In addition to language skills, the teaching of intercultural competence is of particular importance.

For optimum focus on the classes, LSI offers cost-effective accommodation in its own guesthouse. The use of the guesthouse is also possible independently of participation in the language courses.

Due to the demands of the modern world of work, flexibility in time and space is becoming an increasingly important criterion, also in questions of further vocational training. With, the Landesspracheninstitut has therefore created its own digital learning platform, through which course content can be individually prepared and followed up at any time. Individual trainings, also possible as in-house events or via Skype, round off the course content at LSI.

Founded in 1973, the Landesspracheninstitut has been part of the Ruhr University Bochum since 2007 and currently employs around 40 people.