Teaching staff, course materials and a library

The teachers are - along with the didactic teaching concept - crucial for the successful learning of a new language. Their professional, pedagogical and personal qualifications form the basis for your language learning success.

The teaching teams at LSI consist of experienced native speakers with relevant teaching experience as well as Germans who have learned and studied the target language as a foreign language. Guest lecturers from the target country also support the LSI teaching staff.

Another important and unique aspect which contributes to the didactic teaching concept are the teaching materials / course books which are designed, written and published specifically for the language learners at LSI.

An additional service for course participants is provided by LSI's own library. Sorted by language and cultural areas, more than 31,000 books, magazines, CDs and DVDs about culture, regional studies, economics and language are available for students to borrow throughout the course.

In addition to the main collection topics (encyclopaedias, teaching materials and regional studies), the LSI library contains a mixture of different subject areas on the individual languages. In addition, daily newspapers and journals are available.