Languages and courses

Intensive lessons - great learning success

You don't just learn a new language with us. Our intensive language courses are aimed at using the new language intuitively and confidently in everyday life. In addition to the language skills, our instructors convey a basic intercultural understanding of the respective foreign country in the teaching units. In our intensive language courses, the participants speak the target language from the very first lesson, the speaking part is very high right from the start. This helps you to directly immerse yourself in the new language and culture. You can learn Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Persian (Dari, Farsi) at our institute.

More than 45 years of language teaching experience

LSI dates back to two previous institutions: the "Lehrinstitut für die Russische Sprache Nordrhein-Westfalen" (Russicum) founded in 1973 and the "Landesinstitut für die Arabische, Chinesische und Japanische Sprache Nordrhein-Westfalen" (Sinicum, Japonicum and Arabicum). Today, LSI is a centre of excellence that is unique in Europe and one of the leading providers of intensive language courses in Germany.

Our services at a glance

  • Classroom and online teaching
  • Course duration: from 3 days
  • All-day lessons in small groups
  • Teaching teams consisting of experienced native speakers and German lecturers
  • Multimedia learning aids (vocabulary trainer,
  • Self developed teaching material
  • Language courses for all levels
  • Information events about the respective countries
  • Courses: all year round
  • Own institute library
  • Guest rooms in the building