Learning Russian at LSI

LSI offers a wide variety of language courses at all levels. Here is an overview of our courses, for more information about a certain course, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Introductory Courses

The Russian Compact course is particularly suitable if you want to gain a first insight into the Russian language in a very short time and want to communicate in simple everyday situations.

Basic Courses

Russian 1 and Russian 1 online (10 weeks) are aimed at beginners without or with very little previous knowledge. The courses teach the Russian alphabet as well as elementary grammar and basic vocabulary for basic communication skills in simple everyday situations.
Russian 2 and Russian 2 online (10 weeks) builds on Russian 1 / Russian 1 online (10 weeks) and  enhances communicative skills in everyday situations, basic grammar and vocabulary.

Continuation Courses

Russian 3, Russian 3 in Vologda and Russian 3 online (10 weeks) are aimed at participants who want to consolidate their knowledge of basic grammar and expand their vocabulary in order to master most of the everyday situations that occur during a stay in Russia linguistically independently and to have simple conversations with the country and its people.
Russian 4, Russian 4 in Vologda and Russian 4 online (10 weeks) are aimed at participants who have a command of basic Russian grammar, are able to communicate well in everyday situations and understand texts with a proportion of unknown words. The range of topics will be extended and more complex grammatical structures will be covered.

Advanced Courses

Russian 5: Introduction to Business Russian provides a sound introduction to important areas of business terminology. A basic oral communication competence in everyday business life and business-related reading skills are developed.
Russian 5: Communication provides confidence in freely conducting conversations on a variety of topics. It is mainly used to develop communicative oral skills (speaking and listening comprehension).
Russian 5: Politics and Media offers an introduction to the language of the media and trains various forms of oral communication on these topics as well as reading skills.
Russian 6: Language and cultural history in Vologda. By popular demand from our course participants, this course is the first to offer a profound insight into the cultural history of Russia from the 15th to the 19th century. The course focuses not only on the historical, social and political development of the country, but also on visual arts, architecture, everyday culture and the history of ideas in Russia.
With the blended learning concept Business Russian (Blended Learning Annual Course) the Landesspracheninstitut pursues a highly innovative teaching and learning approach: a combination of personalised online learning with eTutorial support and intensive listening and speaking training during one-week attendance phases to activate language resources acquired online.

Intensive Russian - Basic Level Online

LSI.Online, the perfect complement to the textbook Russian Intensive Basic Level. Supplement your work with the textbook Russian Intensive Basic Level with work on the online platform LSI.Online!

Russian for Pupils

The Russian for Pupils Courses A and B are designed for pupils who would like to refresh their Russian and are looking for a course during the school holidays. Course A is aimed at students who need to repeat the elementary grammar of Russian and to practise their speaking skills. Course B is aimed at students attending 12th and 13th grade who wish to prepare for the oral Russian A-Level examination.

Your contact person for questions regarding the content of the Russian language courses

Dr. Leo Weschmann
Head of Institute LSI-Russicum

T. +49 234 6874-421

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