Learning Chinese at LSI

LSI offers a wide variety of language courses at all levels. Here is an overview of our courses, for more information about a certain course, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Introductory Courses

The Chinese Compact  course is aimed at people who are interested in gaining an initial but solid insight into the Chinese language and culture in a very short time. The focus of the course is on everyday conversation situations such as greetings and introductions, time agreements, etc.

Basic Courses

Chinese 1, Chinese 1 online (10 weeks), Chinese 1 in Nanjing, Chinese 2 and Chinese 2 online (10 weeks) teach elementary grammar and basic vocabulary for basic communication skills in simple everyday situations. The courses lay the systematic foundations for a later, longer-term and deeper study of the Chinese language and are trained at levels A1/A2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Continuation Courses

Chinese 3 and Chinese 3 online (10 weeks) teach grammar and vocabulary to communicate in everyday situations. The courses consolidate and expand the systematic basics for further and more in-depth study of Chinese.
The courses Chinese 4 and Chinese 4 online (10 weeks) are aimed at learners at GER B1 level (or participants of the LSI Chinese courses 1 - 3) who wish to apply and consolidate their previously mainly textbook-based language skills in intensive speaking practice.

Advanced Courses

Chinese 5: Politics, economy and media is aimed at learners at GER B1+/B2 level who wish to train their listening comprehension and improve their speaking skills. The course uses TV programmes, film clips and self-produced material of the LSI Sinicum.

Intensive Chinese - Basic Level Online

LSI.Online, the perfect complement to the textbook Chinese Intensive Basic Level. Supplement your work with the textbook Chinese Intensive Basic Level with work on the online platform LSI.Online!

Chinese for Pupils

The Chinese for Pupils Courses A and B are designed for pupils who would like to get a first insight into Chinese and are looking for a course during the school holidays.

Your contact person for questions regarding the content of the Chinese language courses

Dr. Anke Pieper
Head of Institute LSI-Sinicum

T. +49 234 6874-404

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