Learning Arabic at LSI

LSI offers a wide variety of language courses at all levels. Here is an overview of our courses, for more information about a certain course, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Introductory Courses

Arabic Compact, Syrian-Arabic Compact and The Arabic Alphabet courses offer participants with a limited amount of time a first insight into the Arabic language, present elementary structures and communicative elements as well as an introduction to Arabic writing.

Basic Courses

Arabic 1, Arabic 1 online (10 weeks), Arabic 2 and Arabic 2 online (10 weeks) teach beginners the alphabet and comprehensive knowledge of Arabic basic grammar. Reading comprehension, listening comprehension, oral communication skills and writing are trained at levels A1/A2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Continuation Courses

Arabic 3, Arabic 3 online (10 weeks), Arabic 4 and Arabic 4 online (10 weeks) follow on from Arabic 1 and 2 and complete the Arabic grammar. Reading comprehension, listening comprehension, oral communication and writing are trained at levels A2/B1 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages. 
In Arabic 5: Reading and Understanding the vocabulary learned in Arabic 1 - 4 is repreated and expanded and text comprehension is trained.
Syrian-Arabic Communication offers learners with a good basic knowledge of High Arabic a systematic introduction to the Syrian-Arabic or Levantine dialect as spoken with local variations in Syria, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon.

Advanced Courses

The Advanced Level Course is a topic-oriented communication course at B2 level, which primarily trains the skills of speaking, listening comprehension and, to a lesser extent, reading comprehension and writing. 
The Advanced Course in Politics and Media mainly trains reading and listening comprehension at B2 level using current articles and audio material. 

Intensive Arabic - Basic Level Online

LSI.Online, the perfect complement to the textbook Arabic Intensive Basic Level. Supplement your work with the textbook Arabic Intensive Basic Level with work on the online platform LSI.Online!

Your contact person for questions regarding the content of the Arabic language courses

Michaela Kleinhaus
Head of Institute LSI-Arabicum

T. +49 234 6874-210

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