Learn German intensively

You want to learn German for professional, private or study purposes, practise German grammar or improve your reading skills? Would you like to get to know Germany and acquire comprehensive knowledge of the country? The Landesspracheninstitut has the perfect solution for you.
With the learning platform LSI.online German you can book 22 thematic reading courses on numerous subject areas such as history, politics, society, media, science and technology, school and vocational training and of course art, culture, religion and literature. With over 1000 texts and more than 7000 interactive exercises, you will bring your German into top form. A wide range of help functions, such as integrated, context-sensitive dictionaries, over 140 grammar tables, background information on the country and culture, pronunciation aids and a vocabulary trainer, facilitate the reading process and promote a confident command of even complex texts and subjects.
The thematic reading courses are designed for autonomous learning and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They cover the levels from A2/B1 - C2. In addition, LSI offers an online course Basic German (A1 - A2), with which you can repeat and consolidate the basics of the German language. The user languages of the courses offered are English and Russian.
Intensive classroom courses, as with the other LSI courses, are only offered in cooperation with external partners, especially universities and educational institutions. LSI offers special courses for Russian and Chinese students in cooperation with universities from Russia and China.

For questions about German language courses, please contact: