An additional service for course participants is offered by LSI's own library. Sorted according to language and cultural areas, it contains over 31,000 books, magazines, CDs and DVDs from the fields of culture, regional studies, business and language, which can be borrowed by course participants throughout the course.

In addition to the main collections (encyclopedias, teaching materials and regional studies), the LSI library also contains a mixture of different subject areas relating to the individual languages. Daily newspapers and magazines are also available.

        Type: Reference library
        3 workstations
        Loans: to LSI students, to non-students with the permission of the managing director or the head of institute

Opening hours

The library is open daily. The exact opening hours depend on the lesson times and are announced on a notice board. Visitors from outside the library are advised to register in advance. The librarians will be happy to advise you at any time.