Learning platform and digital learning companion

LSI.Digital is an interactive learning environment that facilitates your foreign language learning. As a digital learning companion, LSI.Digital supports you wherever you need help, for example in vocabulary work, grammar or improving your text and listening comprehension.

With context-sensitive dictionaries, various text formats, audio recordings, grammatical background information and intelligent exercises, LSI.Digital helps you to learn. It makes preparing texts child's play. Video and audio material is used to train listening comprehension skills. In addition, you will receive a wealth of useful information on culture, society, politics, economics and regional studies.

Booking and registration

LSI.Digital can be booked individually for a period of three, six or twelve months. When participating in an LSI language course, access to the corresponding course area on the learning platform is free of charge.

After booking, you will receive an access code which includes the course you have chosen and the duration of use. If you do not yet have an account for LSI.Digital, you can now register for the learning platform and then activate your course with the access code.

e-learning to accompany the course

e-learning accompanies the course and gives you the opportunity to repeat and consolidate all the key learning content once you have completed your LSI language course. The costs are included in the fees for the respective course. All e-learning components for the Grundstufe can also be booked independently of the course for three, six or twelve months - to match the respective LSI textbooks.

Topic-based learning

LSI.Digital offers learning materials on topics such as politics, society, economics, history, art and literature. For the individual languages, there are special country-specific subject focuses and profiles.

Informative reading texts

The learning platform has many authentic reading texts with numerous interactive exercises. Different types of texts (e.g. journalistic, literary, scientific texts) of general language and subject-related orientation are represented.

Integrated dictionary

With the dictionary function, the context-sensitive meaning of unknown vocabulary and other lexical information can be displayed and saved for individual vocabulary training. In addition, LSI.Digital offers lists of related words and grammar hints to expand vocabulary.

Interactive exercise types

LSI.Digital has different interactive exercise types: in addition to multiple-choice, gap filling and closed text exercises, these include types such as sensitive text, sorting and matching as well as other types of exercises. On this basis, more than 50 didactic exercises are available.

Combinable learning aids

The new design allows the user to combine the different text comprehension functions (audio, dictionary, grammar, etc.) to simplify the learning process. For Arabic, Chinese and Japanese, special aids are provided to facilitate text reading and overall learning (vocalisation, pinyin transcription, furigana, etc.).

Audio versions

To improve pronunciation and correct intonation, most of the texts can be listened to as audio recordings with authentic, native speakers.

Grammar for reference

Over 300 charts provide information on the grammatical features of the word types and grammatical specifics of the respective target language and help with linguistic orientation.

Vocabulary check

The integrated vocabulary check actively selects those words that were unknown to the learner during the task and thus always trains the personal vocabulary profile. Corresponding lists provide the learner with a clear overview of his or her training results. There are special training tools for Arabic (script learning programme) and Chinese (memorisation training of Chinese characters).


Adele Kalt
Project Coordination

T. +49 234 6874-427