The LSI works with cooperation partners from the fields of science and education in the target countries. These partnerships not only contribute to maintaining the high quality of teaching at LSI, but also ensure an active exchange with the respective region at all times.

Cooperation Partners


German-Jordanian University of Amman
Cooperation partner of LSI since 2009

Philipps University Marburg, Center for Near and Middle East Studies
Exchange and cooperation in the field of teaching and development of teaching materials

Institut Bourguiba des Langues Vivantes  -  Université Tunis El Manar



Nanjing (Nanking) University [Nanjing Daxue]
Cooperation partner of LSI since 1983
For over 100 years one of the most respected universities in one of China's old capitals, Nanking, with roots reaching far back into the imperial education system.

Tongji University [Tonji Daxue], Shanghai
Cooperation partner of LSI since 2003
A university founded in Shanghai in 1907 on German initiative; today it is particularly renowned in the field of civil engineering and for its excellent German education.

BFSU (Beijing Foreign Studies University) [Beijing Waiguoyu Daxue]
Cooperation partner of LSI since 1997
Beijing University is considered one of China's best training centres for foreign language studies and maintains close contacts with the Chinese Foreign Ministry and other government agencies.

Remark: After careful consideration and practical experience the LSI-Sinicum cooperates in all three cases with the German or German Studies departments of the universities concerned, both with regard to its need for guest lecturers in Bochum and to support the special courses of the LSI-Sinicum held locally, i.e. in Beijing, Shanghai or Nanking.

Shenzhen University (SZU), Shenzhen
Cooperation partner of LSI since January 2019
Shenzhen University, located in the city of Shenzhen, was founded in 1983. In recent years, it has developed into an attractive multidisciplinary university. Currently, SZU has approximately 35,000 full-time students. The geographical location of the SZU in East Asia is ultimately attracting more and more international students.

German Association for International Cooperation (GIZ) GmbH, Bonn
Participation of the LSI-Sinicum in the selection of scholarship holders (H.-Nixdorf-Program); preparation of the scholarship holders for their stay in China.

German Academic Exchange Service, Bonn
Participation of the LSI-Sinicum in the selection of scholarship holders of different DAAD China programs; preparation of scholarship holders for a stay in China.

Federal Foreign Office, Berlin
On behalf of the "Akademie Auswärtiger Dienst" of the Federal Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, the LSI-Sinicum prepares the examination tasks for the Chinese language tests for the entrance examinations to the senior and higher foreign service.


Rikkyo University Tokyo
Cooperation partner of the LSI-Japonicum since 2002

Osaka University, School of Foreign Studies
Cooperation partner of the LSI-Japonicum since 2007 (successor of the cooperation with the Osaka University of Foreign Studies)

Waseda University Tokyo, Graduate School of Japanese Applied Linguistics
Cooperation partner of the LSI-Japonicum since 2005

Dokkyo University, Soka, Department of German
Cooperation partner of the LSI-Japonicum since 2010


Moscow State Lomonosov University (MGU), Faculty of Philology, Chair of Russian as a Foreign Language
Cooperation partnership since 2013

Moscow State Lomonosov University (MGU), Institute of Russian Language and Culture
Cooperation partnership since 2005 

Russian-German Institute at the Moscow Higher Institute of Transportation (MIIT)
Cooperation partnership since 2014