Rooms and Prices

LSI has 78 comfortable single and double rooms in five price categories. All rooms are equipped with a private bathroom, internet access, mini-fridge and electric kettle. Towels and bed linen are provided. In the spacious lounge, you can relax after class and cook together or practice what you have learned in a relaxed atmosphere.

A small terrace adjoins the breakfast room, which in summer is ideal for informal barbecues. If you need a physical balance to your daily learning workload, the nearby forest is ideal for jogging or you can arrange to play table tennis with other course participants.

The prices are per room and per night including breakfast buffet (VAT included).

Category Ia (single room - one shower/WC for 2 single rooms)     

Language course participants: 26,50 €

Non course participants: 37,00 €

Please note that in room category Ia two single rooms share one bathroom.

Category Ib* (single room - one shower/WC for 2 single rooms)      

Language course participants: 29,50 €

Non course participants: 40,00 €

Please note that in room category Ib two single rooms share one bathroom.

Category III (single room, shower/WC)  

Language course participants: 35,00 €

Non course participants: 50,00 €


Category IV (double room**, shower/WC)

Language course participants: 50,00 €      

Non course participants: 65,00 €

Category V (single room - comfort)

Course participants: 63,00 €

Non course participants: 75,00 €

Category VI (double room** - comfort)

Language course participants: 80,00 €

Non course participants: 96,00 €


* LSI can offer a handicapped accessible room with an adjacent room for an accompanying person.

** Overnight stay of a 2nd person in a double room: 10,00 €/night

Subject to change without notice